Customer Experience Specialist

Permanent employee, Full-time · Malaga

About the role

We’re looking for someone with strong written communication skills, and an understanding of what makes excellent customer support, to join our Product team as a Customer Experience Specialist.

What is Plytix?
This is where you’d typically see a long paragraph of boring text that no one reads, peppered with corporate buzzwords that don’t mean anything. But Plytix is no typical company, so we’ll spare you that. Instead, watch this video, and if you like what you see, keep scrolling. 


What´s the opportunity?

This position gives you the chance to dig deep into the intricacies of our software and explain clearly what customers need to do to use it successfully. As the sole person in charge of the help center and the creation of in-tool guidance for customers, it will be your responsibility to make it clear and simple for anyone to use Plytix. You’ll also learn about analytics to help you create and manage a content calendar to keep the help center and in-tool help fresh and relevant. Over time, you’ll become an expert in product information management, working across multiple departments., This will make you a resource not only for our customers, but also for members of various other teams within Plytix.

What will you be doing?

Your main responsibility will be the management of the help center. Day to day, your responsibilities will include writing new articles, updating older articles, creating/updating graphics for these articles, announcing the deployment of new features and creating in-tool guides, assisting in the creation of video scripts, and working closely with the Customer Success team to understand the pain points our clients face. Your goal will be continuous improvement of the support we provide for customers, empowering them to take the management of product information into their own hands.

After 1 month:

You will be trained in PIM basics, and have gained working knowledge of the capabilities of our software. You will also have spent a large portion of your time engaging with our customer success team and observing client interactions. The CS department head will take you under his wing to show you the Plytix way of delivering thorough, compassionate customer support. 

This month (and the following three) will be fundamental to your role. After one month, you will clearly understand the what, why, and how of our PIM software. You will also have spent significant time digesting the Help Center content in detail to understand our tone, our users’ most common challenges, and how we strive to communicate PIM to the market. 

After 3 months:

By this time, you’ll have developed a much deeper understanding of PIM processes. You’ll feel more confident about answering questions and will begin taking a look at older help center content to start refreshing and optimizing it, while you also start setting up the first in-tool help for our users and publishing new features announcements.

By learning from the Product team to gain more insight into our tool and working alongside the Customer Success team, you’ll be on track to becoming a PIM expert at Plytix. You’ll also have a good grasp on the processes used to keep help center content organized and continuously updated. 

6 months in:

You’ll be the go-to person for answers to common questions and help with problem-solving to meet our customers’ needs. . 

By now, you’re fully capable of growing and scaling our educational content while helping users work better with our product through in-tool help like tips and wizards. You’re a valuable link between the people who constantly work to improve our product (and keep it running smoothly) and the people who rely on Plytix to run their businesses.  

Who will you be working with?

You'll technically be on the Product team, but you'll be working closely with both our Product managers and Customer Success team, especially when it comes to content publication/updates and creation of pop-up guides within our software. You may also collaborate on additional projects to assist the Revenue team. 

Within the product team, you'll be reporting to the PIM Product Manager. Together with the Product manager, you'll ensure that customers are thriving, and that anytime dissatisfaction is expressed, a solution or workaround is made available in our help center if applicable. You’ll also be kept abreast of any changes to our tool by the Product manager so you can keep customers aware of any new feature or improvement that we launch.  

We expect you to:

- Be self-driven and highly organized

- Have strong communication skills (written and verbal) 

- Pay close attention to detail 

- Speak native-level English 

- Have a high level of emotional intelligence–always being empathetic, kind, and patient

- Be able to excel in cross-functional roles, and work with colleagues/customers in different time zones

- Be able to work independently and be a proactive problem-solver 

- Have curiosity and passion for learning new technologies

- Have hands-on educational experience 

- Be experienced in technical writing about a product or service 

Nice to have:

- Background in B2B, software or technology 

- Experience in writing educational or tutorial-type content

- Experience editing images in Canva

Why work at Plytix?
  •  Voted Malaga’s #1 Best Workplace by Great Place to Work® 
  • Be a part of a welcoming culture with bright, friendly people from around the world
  • Have a purpose and plenty of opportunities to grow from day one
  • Work from home or from our offices in the center of Malaga
  • Salary: 30k - 36k will be determined based on experience and expertise
  • Flexible working hours and unlimited remote days
  • Catered, free lunches and unlimited ice cream when working from the office
  • Sodexo Flexible Retribution (Restaurant & Nursery Vouchers)
  • Private health insurance covered by Plytix
  • More perks (differs depending on which office you belong to)
  • Don’t work on your birthday—enjoy an extra day of paid time off
About our culture
At Plytix, we don't have boring mission statements and corporate values that no one reads.
We operate from a simple guiding principle that's easy to remember:

"Don't be a jerk, don't hold back, and don't forget to have fun."

At Plytix, we offer equal opportunities and welcome applications from all sectors of society. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion or belief, ethnic or national origin, disability, age, citizenship, marital status, sexual orientation or gender identity.
About us
We’re a next-generation SaaS scale-up that builds PIM software for the retail industry. Our name, Plytix, is short for Product Analytics—we started as an ecommerce analytics tool in 2015.

Since then, we’ve grown to be one of the leading Product Information Management (PIM) tools. It’s the only PIM system specially made (and priced!) for small to medium-sized ecommerce. It’s a single source of truth that helps teams manage and syndicate product information at scale, allowing you to get your products to market faster and smarter—regardless of the channel.

As far as the brains behind the software go, we’re a tight-knit team of passionate, data-driven individuals based here, there, and everywhere in the world! We’re also recognized for our outstanding customer care and employee culture, making us a Great Place To Work in 2021 & 2022.

Plytix wants you!
Thanks for considering a career with us at PLYTIX! Please, if you have any issues while submitting your application, feel free to send it to, Cheers!

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