Senior Software Engineer - Research & Innovation

Permanent employee, Full-time · Remoto ES

About the role

We’re on the search for a highly experienced Software Engineer ready to join our Lab team in building and supporting our Plytix PIM. Our Development team is based in Malaga, but if you code your best from the comfort of your own home or even from a different city—the location doesn’t matter, you do!

What is Plytix?
This is where you’d typically see a long paragraph of boring text that no one reads, peppered with corporate buzzwords that don’t mean anything. But Plytix is no typical company, so we’ll spare you that. Instead, watch this video, and if you like what you see, keep scrolling. 

What´s the opportunity?
This is your chance to play a part in building a leading multichannel platform, working with diverse talent and innovative technology. You’ll have the opportunity to contribute to the growth of an ever-expanding scale-up with your ideas and coding experience.
What will you be doing?
A day in the life of a Plytix Lab Engineer (that’s what we like to call our Research and Development Engineers) is an exciting one. You’ll be collaborating on challenges—providing technical solutions from analysis to design. You’ll also develop PoC proving the proposal valid, making sure they’re scalable and fault tolerant while always following design patterns and best practices. Then, you'll aid development teams with the actual implementation and provide guidance. All in all, you’ll be a busy bee. But don’t worry, there’s always time to crack open a beer and have fun!
After 1 month:
You’ll have a good grasp of our ways of working, tools, and tech stack. You’ll get to know all the current existing caveats and technical debts. You’ll start performing small tasks so that you can start to show off your software engineering skills and take part in important discussions around our developing our product. 
After 3 months:
You’re now becoming a true Plytix Lab member. You’re now working independently and performing tasks on your own from the very beginning to the end. You feel comfortable with what you’re doing, and you don’t need much guidance from your colleagues at this point. You’ll even start suggesting improvements or proposing new ideas to help take our PIM platform to the next level.
6 months in:
You’re fully integrated into the team and doing the same job as any other member. By now, you’re confident in your role, collaborating with other departments to find the best possible solutions for our customers to have the best quality system. You’re also providing guidance and coming up with improvements on your own, helping to build the team's backlog. Much of your research will be used for talks or workshops for the rest of the Plytix team.
Who will you be working with?

You’ll be working with your fellow Lab engineers, making sure that everything is running smoothly. But they aren’t the only shining faces you’ll be working with on a daily basis. You’ll also be working with the QA and Development teams to keep customers smiling with how amazing their Plytix PIM is.

If you’re curious about our culture, take a peek into Plytix’s office!
We expect you to:
  • Have 5+ years of software development experience

  • Be proficient in Python language (Javascript is a plus)

  • Be experienced working with lightweight frameworks like FastAPI and/or Flask

  • Have a wide experience in DDBB, both SQL and NoSQL (MongoDB is a major plus)

  • Have experience with messaging brokers like RabbitMQ or Kafka

  • Be knowledgeable about integration patterns or event-driven architectures

  • Have expertise with asynchronous programming

  • Be an evangelist of the application of design patterns and good practices

  • Have 3+ years of Kubernetes/Docker experience

  • Have strong Linux skills

  • Be experienced with CI/CD tools

  • Have experience with observability, monitoring, and troubleshooting production code

  • Be willing to learn (this role will involve diving into different areas of software engineering, so being able to learn is important!)

  • Be a proactive problem solver

  • Have a conversational level in English is a plus

Why work at Plytix?

-Voted Malaga’s #1 Best Workplace by Great Place to Work® 

-Be a part of a welcoming culture with bright, friendly people from around the world

-Have a purpose and plenty of opportunities to grow from day one

-Work from home or from our offices in the center of Malaga

-Competitive full-time salary €45,000 - €70,000 per year (*The amount will be determined based on experience)

-Flexible working hours and unlimited remote days

-Catered, free lunches, and unlimited ice cream when working from the office

-More perks (differs depending on which office you belong to)

About our culture

At Plytix, we don't have boring mission statements and corporate values that no one reads. 

We operate from a simple guiding principle that's easy to remember:

"Don't be a jerk, don't hold back, and don't forget to have fun."

About us
We’re a next-generation SaaS scale-up that builds PIM software for the retail industry. Our name, Plytix, is short for Product Analytics—we started as an ecommerce analytics tool in 2015.

Since then, we’ve grown to be one of the leading Product Information Management (PIM) tools. It’s the only PIM system specially made (and priced!) for small to medium-sized ecommerce. It’s a single source of truth that helps teams manage and syndicate product information at scale, allowing you to get your products to market faster and smarter—regardless of the channel.

As far as the brains behind the software go, we’re a tight-knit team of passionate, data-driven individuals based here, there, and everywhere in the world! We’re also recognized for our outstanding customer care and employee culture, making us a Great Place To Work in 2021 & 2022.

Plytix wants you!
Thanks for considering a career with us at PLYTIX! Please, if you have any issues while submitting your application, feel free to send it to, Cheers!

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